Nalolo health centre suspends services

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—-Health services at Nalolo Health Center in Nalolo District in Western Province have been suspended because of the risk which the building housing the centre poses to the public.

This came to light when Gender Minister, Inonge Wina and Nalolo District Commissioner, Mundia Samwene, met Senanga District Medical Officer (DMO), Kenneth Mbozi.

Ms Wina, who is also Nalolo Member of Parliament, wanted to know what led to the suspension of services at the clinic.

And Dr Mbozi explained that the clinic was situated too close to the Zambezi which had expanded its banks too close to the clinic and the building was now almost falling into the   river.

He said this has posed a great danger to both staff and patients seeking medical services at the clinic.

D r Mbozi said it was for this reason that the Health Area Committee (HAC) in Nalolo recommended that another location be identified where another clinic could be built.

He said as an interim measure, his office would offer outreach health services to the area.

“When the HAC sat, they came up with a resolution to find another location because the clinic is too close to the river and is posing a serious risk not only to staff but people going to seek medical care,” he said.

And Ms Wina told Dr Mbozi and Mr Samwene to work together and quickly identify an alternative area where to build another clinic.

She observed that the suspension of services at the clinic had adversely affected the community in Nalolo because the nearest health centre is more than 20 km away.

“The nearest Clinic from Nalolo is maybe more that 20 kilo meters away, so the clinic is needed here. District Medical Officer, see what you can do through your ministry so that another clinic is built there,” Ms Wina said.

The Senanga District Health Officer currently oversees health facilities in the newly created Nalolo district.