Luangeni MP urges electorates to ignore critics of subsidy removal

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Luangeni MP urges electorates to ignore critics of subsidy removal

Chipata, Jun 9/13, ZANIS….. Luangeni Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu, has called on people in his constituency to ignore critics on the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize but support the republican President, Michael Sata.

Mr Zulu stated that the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize was meant to benefit the masses in long term measures of the country’s development through improvement of road infrastructure, construction of schools and rural health centres among others.

He was speaking at the official opening of Eastern Block Agriculture and Commercial Show held at Makwe Basic School ground in Chief Mpezeni’s area under the theme “Business in a changing environment”.

Mr Zulu, who is also Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development, urged the people in the area  not be cheated over the removal of subsidies because the people that used to benefit from the situation were the businessmen at the expense of the vulnerable, especially in the rural areas.

“On fertilizer government used to supplement farmers with KR150.00 by allowing farmers only pay KR50.00 for a 50 kg bag whose cost was KR200.00 under the Farmer Support Programme (FISP) which never benefitted them but the companies that were supplying the commodity,” he added.

He said trillions of Kwacha would be saved from the removal of subsidies and go towards the development of the country’s education, agricultural and health sectors.

The Luangeni MP stated that people should not despair because government was not idle but would find alternatives for cheaper sources of fuel with intent for to fetch a cheaper price.

Mr Zulu stated that in the past there were middle-men who made the purchase of the commodity to be expensive and that government would to do away with them by dealing directly with other governments that have the commodity such as Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Mr Zulu has urged people in his area to jealously guard their agricultural produce, especially maize, to avoid food shortages.

Mr Zulu noted that the produce, particularly maize, should be treated and stored in improved storage facilities so that they could be food secure.

“We know that agriculture is a business but be mindful of food security at household level as you decide on the quantities to sell from your produce, and when you sell do not sell at a cheaper and give away price to unscrupulous traders,” he warned.

He assured the farmers that government would continue to employ Camp Extension Officers and other staff in the areas where their services were required so that they were able to benefit from the farming business economically in the current changing environment.

Mr Zulu said it was the desire of government that the agricultural sector flourishes so that food security was attained at household level to reduce poverty at all levels of the community.