Chef tops Phoenix music chart show

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Zambia by mitia on 6/7/13

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ROUGH –VOICED rapper Kondwani Kaira, trading by the name of Chef 187, shot to the top of Radio Phoenix’s hip pop musical chart show ‘Beat bounce’.
Chef 187, who is the brother of controversial and daring rapper Macky 2, has won the hearts of hip hop lovers, especially  young people who identify with his hard hitting social commentary.
Last Saturday night certainly put a smile on Chef 187 as the‘big names’ in the Zambian hip pop industry battled it out on the  ‘Beat bounce’ music chart show.
Beat bounce airs on Radio Phoenix from 22:00 hours to 01:00 hours.
Listeners were asked to vote for the real hip pop Zambian king.
Show host CK was overwhelmed by the responses that came via SMS, live calls, facebook and twitter.
Slap Dee was second and Macky Two was trailed in third place. Other artistes that received votes include, Ruff kid, Crisis a.k.a Mr Swagger among others.
Chef 187’s Kumwesu which features Afunika and poet Pilato saw him to the top, making him Zambia’s hip pop King according to the votes that night.
His ability to combine and make sense of words often overlooked, makes him stand out, more so that he is pretty provocative in his rhymes.
You could say, he has mastered his creativity to a point that his music is having an influence on the young and middle aged folks.
Probably the major difference between Chef and Marky 2, is longevity.
His brother has been around longer than him musically and hence he has built a name for himself.
His voice is a lot stronger than his showman-elder brother who got caught up in a bitter war of words with Slap Dee, the Kwichaila architect.
The war of words spread down to fans, who built camps identifying themselves with either of the rappers, reminiscent of the East coast and West Coast feud that rocked the American rap industry in the early and mid 90s, mostly involving slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG.
DJ CK (Clyde Shifwati) told Times Entertainment that the show aims at promoting Zambian music and the hip pop genre.
Most hip pop lovers that voted for Chef 187 said apart from his unique style of rap

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