Ila chief supports subsidy removal but……


Chief Mukobela of the Ila speaking people of Namwala district has supported the decision  by the government to remove subsidies on maize and fuel.


Chief Mukobela has however cautioned the government to prudently use the funds to be saved from the subsidy removal to enhance economic development.


Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS on June 6th, chief Mukobela said although the decision is good, it will be meaningless if the money to be realized will be wasted.


“I think it is a good move provided that government utilises the money that will be realised on capital projects for people to appreciate the benefits and fruits of such government decisions,” said Chief Mukobela.


He acknowledged that the removal of subsidies is hurtful and bitter, but that the onus was on government to honour its obligation to ensure that all the revenue is directed to projects that people in rural areas will benefit and uplift them from poverty.


And government has finally gazetted Mr. Wesley Mukobela as Chief Mukobela following a protracted succession wrangle dating back to 2006.


His Royal Highness Mukobela confirmed that he received the letter of recognition as chief Mukobela on Tuesday this week.


He thanked that government for recognizing him as bona fide chief and pledged to work with the government of the day in implementing developmental projects in the area.


The Traditional Leader also appealed to the government to send relief food to people in his area following a poor maize harvest due to inadequate rain.