Traditional myths a health challenge

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Traditional myths a health challenge  

Katete, June 6, 2013, ZANIS……A medical practitioner in Katete district

says the Ministry of Health  continues to face a challenge in

the provision of postnatal and full immunization services  in the



Katete urban clinic sister in-charge Juliana Phiri said this was due

to traditional myths that surround child birth especially in villages.


Ms Phiri explained that some traditional myths prevent women from accessing

postnatal services because they believed that babies should not be taken out of

the house until they are over a month old.


ZANIS reports that Ms Phiri said a number of women were reluctant to

take their babies to the clinic for fear that taking them out of the

house before they are a one month old would bring bad luck.


She however stated that health personnel at the clinic were

sensitizing people in Katete district on the benefits of taking their

infants for postnatal services.


And speaking on the immunization, Ms Phiri said the health facilities

did not always have all the drugs to conduct full immunization on

under five children.


Ms Phiri said there was need to ensure that all the drugs required for

immunization were available at health facilities.


She also commended the World Bank for its support to the clinic through

the Result Based Finance saying the clinic was able to use the

resources under the programme to improve health service delivery to

the local community.


The sister in-charge said the health facility was able to rehabilitate

the clinic and procure medical equipment from the funds that were

received under the Result Based Finance Programme.


Last year, Katete urban clinic received KR166, 830 for various activities

among them motivating health staff and encouraging women to deliver at

the health facility aimed at improving health service delivery.