Kavalamanja residents happy with development

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-The people of Kavulamanja area in Luangwa district have commended government for having an agenda to develop Feira.

The villagers observe the Patriotic Front (PF) Government is action-oriented and within a short period of time Feira is developing at rocket speed in terms of infrastructural development in construction of feeder roads, schools and health posts among other capital projects.

One of the villagers, John Zulu, said the people have no doubt that President Michael Sata will deliver to the aspirations of not only the people of Kavulamanja in Feira but the country as a whole.

The villagers unanimously said this when Political Governance Activist, Bonny Tembo, addressed them on various developmental projects the PF government was undertaking in the area.

This was during a meeting to drum up support to PF parliamentary candidate, Patrick Ngoma.

Mr Tembo, who is PF Election Committee Member, urged the Kavulamanja electorates not to waste their vote on the opposition who have no capacity to deliver but to vote for Mr  Ngoma if development is to be accelerated.

Mr Tembo said the opposition political leaders that were going round have got no key to the treasury to develop the area but the ruling party of the day has to open up and link Feira to the rest of the country.

Mr Tembo reminded the people of Kavulamanja area to ask
themselves as to why other people in areas where elections have taken place so far were voting the ruling PF.


He said the PF was emerging victorious because the people in those areas were aligning themselves to the government of the day.

The Feira Parliamentary seat fell vacant after former MMD Member of Parliament, Patrick Ngoma, defected to join the ruling PF.


Other parties vying the same seat are NAREP, UPND, MMD and UNIP.

Mr Tembo, who is former Anti-Voter Apathy project Executive Director, observed that some opposition political parties in the country existed just to add numbers to the register at the Registrar of Societies and they do not have an impact on politics of Zambia.