-USAID launches vulnerable aid package

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USAID launches vulnerable aid package

Chipata,  June 5,2013, ZANIS… The  United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched two projects in three chiefdoms of Madzimawe, Nzamane and Mishoro’s areas in Chipata district to benefit more than fifty thousand people living with HIV and AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children.

Speaking at the launch, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Bert Mushala said the two projects, Thrive and Mawa were aimed at improving the living standards of the intended beneficiaries.

He said that the Thrive project would deliver a consolidated nutrition package to people Living with HIV and AIDS while Mawa was aimed at offering nutrition assessment, counseling and support on nutrition and farming mechanisms.

Mr Mushala noted that government appreciates the intervention by stakeholders as the country continued to face both food insecurity and high levels of nutrition, especially among sub groups of the population.

Mr Mushala said the projects which would be implemented in Chipata and Lundazi will equip 21,500 households in the two districts with agricultural and marketing skills for improved agricultural production and effective engagement with markets.

He stated that the projects would also encourage crop diversification and consumption of more diverse, nutritious foods.

USAID Zambia Mission Director Dr Susan Brems said eastern province was a focus area for both projects adding which have one thing in common as they both deal with nutrition.

And speaking at the same function Chief Madzimawe said that the projects which would be carried in Chiefs Mishoro, Nzamane and his chiefdoms for a period of five years would impact positively on people’s lives.