-Ndola residents swindled

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Ndola residents swindled

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Ndola, June 4, 2013, ZANIS – Ndola City Council  has warned people to be wary of organisations that are going round the city getting money on the pretext that they would acquire plots for them.

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola today that a lot of people have been swindled of their money by organisations collecting money from unsuspecting people that they would get plots on their behalf.

Mr Kuseka warned that the council will not be responsible for any loss of money by individuals as a result of such bogus transactions involving plots.

“A lot of people are coming through to the council when they are swindled that they have paid for plots when the council had no role at all and in such cases there is nothing that the council can do,” he said.

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He cautioned people not to rush when they want to acquire council plots by involving middle men but to follow the laid down procedure through the council offices.

He said there is a high demand for plots in the city and that the council cannot satisfy everyone resulting in some  people were trying to use other means of acquiring plots leading to most of them being swindled.

He explained that the local authority has since introduced sensitization programmes in all the four constituencies of Ndola to educate people on the procedure to follow to acquire council plots.

“We have already had meetings in Chifubu and Kabushi, and we are remaining with Bwana Mkubwa and Ndola central to educate people on the procedure to use when acquiring plots,” Mr Kuseka said.

Mr Kuseka added that Ndola city council was in the process of trying to get some forestry land de-gazetted in order to satisfy the demand for plots.

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