Napster co-founder of and founding president of Facebook to wed

Sean Parker

It’s almost time for Sean Parker to change his relationship status for good.

This weekend, the co-founder of Napster and founding president of Facebook will marry his girlfriend Alexandra Lenas, a New York-based singer/songwriter.

Here are five things to know about the entrepreneur.

1. Justin Timberlake played him in The Social Network: You might remember Parker from Timberlake’s portrayal in the 2010 film, especially the quote, “A million dollar isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars.” But Parker wasn’t too happy with the portrayal.

According to, during an on-stage interview during the DLD Conference 2011 in Munich, Parker said, “This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being.” But offscreen, you can still find him on Facebook at

2. He takes music pretty seriously: Not only did he cofound Napster, the peer-to-peer file-sharing phenomenon of the early 2000s, he’s also backing Spotify, a music streaming service.

3. He’s been Tweeting about his nuptials: “Sorry to disappoint, but the wardrobe we’re giving wedding guests is essentially modern. No swords or chain mail,” he Tweeted on April 1 in response to a New York Post story about the wedding being medieval-themed.

4. At just 33, his estimated fortune is $2.1 billion: In September 2011, Parker graced the cover of Forbes‘s Richest People in America issue. According to Forbes, he ranks 736 on their list of billionaires.

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