Government on course to construct strategic Masansa-Old Mkushi road

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Government on course to construct strategic Masansa-Old Mkushi road

Mkushi, June 1, ZANIS ——-Government has underscored the strategic importance of the Masansa—Old Mkushi Road towards efforts aimed at boosting the economic climate for Mkushi district.


Mkushi District Commissioner Christopher Chibuye disclosed this to ZANIS when he inspected preparations for construction works on this road recently.


Mr Chibuye said that more than 50 kilometers of the Masansa—Old Mkushi road was earmarked for bituminous attention, adding that government was eager to see the project completed before the rain season.


He explained that the Masansa—Old Mkushi road was of great economic significance to both Mkushi and Luano districts, as it was the major link between Mkushi Boma to Chief Kaneshya’s Old Mkushi area which had been chosen to be the Boma for Luano district.


He said that the completion of construction works on this road is expected to impact positively on all spheres of economic activities and service delivery for the two districts.


Mr Chibuye also said the contractor, Chrizo General Dealers was already on site and was poised to scale up the pace of construction works.


He pointed out that there was need for residents to appreciate the fact that the Patriotic Front government had instituted construction works for the road which had been a longstanding concern amongst residents of the two districts.


He described the development as being amongst the primary moves that government was effecting in the quest to accelerate development in the newly created Luano district, adding that this road was also beneficial to Mkushi as the parent district.


Mr Chibuye said that government had planned to invest massively in development of social infrastructure projects, saying that roads had been singled out as being amongst the most vital infrastructure to help in boosting the economy.


He said that it was important for residents to seriously reflect on the long term benefits of government’s vision, saying that job creation, service provision as well as improved communication were amongst benefits that would affect both public and private sector.


He mentioned that the Masansa-Old Mkushi Road was estimated to cost about K2billion, adding that the road would be linked to the already tarred Boma-Great North Road.


Mr Chibuye further mentioned that government would conduct similar works on the Masansa—Mpula Road, which had direct links with Kapiri along the Great North Road.