SOME residents in Livingstone central have shunned voting.

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SOME residents in Livingstone central have shunned voting.
Some residents have refused to participate in the ongoing Livingstone central by-elections,saying even if they vote they see no change.
“Even if we vote the people we vote in to power are becoming richer and us voters more poorer and no change is brought to us or our constituencies so we don’t see the reason to vote who ever will win we have no problem,” one of them said.
And Mr Hambulo also a Livingstone resident said he will only cast a vote for Regina Musoktwane who is on the UPND ticket because men have dissapointed him in the recent past.
“This time for a change i will vote for a woman because me have ended up disappointing us,men are just leaving power after being voted for causing unnecessary by elections, so am supporting the UPND candidate,” he said.
He also hoped that Regina Musokotwane who is on the UPND ticket wins for a change as he said he is tired with male MPs.
At press time Maramba polling station situated at Maramba market which is one of the biggest polling stations was seen with few people turning in to vote and it is just a normal day for the Livingstone residents,although police officers have been spotted at town center and other surrounding places.

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