ZAN IS COPY – Infant registration increases in Kalabo District

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Infant registration increases in Kalabo District

Kalabo, Feb 8, 2013, ZANIS = = The Department of National Registration Passport and Citizenship [NRPC] in Kalabo district says it registered a total of total 755 infants in the last quarter of the year 2012.

The number of children that were registered for birth in last year’s fourth quarter was said to be more than that of the number of children that were registered during the last past five years.

This is according to the Social Services Sub-Committee report that was presented in the District Development Coordinating Committee [DDCC] meeting that was held in Kalabo recently and chaired by District Commissioner Ireen Mate.


The registering of children for birth in Kalabo increased following the five days birth registration of children exercise which  was conducted at Nalionwa Secondary School last September.

During the five days birth registration exercise that was done with support from Caritas of the Catholic Diocese of Mongu, more than five hundred 500 children were registered.

There were infant’s death registered during the exercise.

Government has made it mandatory that each infant becomes registered with the NRPCT spotted across the country.

This is beneficial for the child as it speeds up the acquisition of passports and national registration cards ( NRCs).




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