Hon Nickson CHILANGWA PF Deputy Secretary General
Hon Nickson CHILANGWA PF Deputy Secretary General

PF TO HOLD ITS GENERAL CONFERENCE AND ELECT NEW PARTY PRESIDENT BY JUNE 2022The Central Committee of the Patriotic Front Party has resolved to hold an Extra Ordinary General Conference by June 2022 to elect a new Party President who will take over from President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Meanwhile, Hon Davies MWILA and Hon. Ng’onga MUKUPA have with immediate effect stepped down as the Party’s Secretary General and National Chairman, respectively.

The resolution to elect a new Party President by June next year was arrived at, today, when the Party’s Central Committee met to deliberate among other things the Party’s Post Mortem Report of the 2021 general elections.

The Party will use this period to mobilise resources for the General Conference, take audit of the Party structures and continue to implement recommendations of the Post-mortem Report for the on-going rebranding process that the Party is currently undergoing.

Further, I want to put it on record that the Central Committee has NOT endorsed anyone for the position of Party President as it has NO any preferred candidate. The Central Committee will ensure that the playing field is levelled for all those wishing to contest the forthcoming elections.I wish to call upon all Party members and sympathisers to generously contribute resources towards the holding of the forthcoming Extraordinary General Conference.

I wish to call upon the leadership and general membership of our Party to remain calm and disciplined during this transition period.I thank you.

Issued by:Hon Nickson CHILANGWADeputy Secretary GeneralParty Headquarters