Chitotela is innocent until proven guilty – Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says he will not fire Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela who was on Wednesday arrested for corruption.
President Lungu has told those who are calling upon him to relieve Mr. Chitotela of his duties to give him space, adding that as far as he is concerned Mr. Chitotela is innocent until proven guilty.
Speaking shortly before departure for Ethiopia to the attend the  African Union, 32nd Ordinary Session of the heads of state and government summit, President Lungu said this is how the rule of law works.

President Lungu states that he does not want to lose Mr. Chitotela in the similar manner that he fired the then minister of information and broadcasting services Chishimba Kambwili.
He says he will however let those who have brought allegations against Mr. Chitotela to prove their allegations in the courts of law.
The head of state says he will also give the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) leeway to invest Mr. Chitotela.
He states that he will in fact fund the ACC to carry out its operations but that he will not interfere in the investigation.