Lusaka Mass Transit Train coming – Mushimba


Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba has revealed that feasibility studies and engineering designs for the construction of the Lusaka Mass Transit Train have been completed.

Mr Mushimba said Government is now moving to the next stage of picking the best financing options for the project.

The Minister of Transport and Communications shared a photo on his Twitter of how the Lusaka Mass Transit Train would like once completed.

“We signed an MOU on this project in China recently. The engineering and detailed designs have concluded. Processing the paperwork to source funding for it. We are looking at different funding mechanisms with ministry of finance,” he stated.

He said phase one of the project will involve bringing traffic from peripheral areas into the Lusaka CBD all the way to the airport.

Mr Mushimba said phase two of the project will see the train covered all areas of Lusaka and up to Kafue.

He emphasized that the idea of the project is to have people ride the train into CBD than use their vehicles.

Mr Mushimba said this way, the roads will be decongested and result in ease flow of traffic and services.

Mr Mushimba disclosed that the train will operate above ground.

The Transport and Communications Minister stated that the project is designed to take off between 2020 and 2023, all things being equal.

Mr Mushimba has since appealed to Zambians to support the project.

“We shall share additional info at the right time. All I wanted to share today is that there is such a project and engineering has been completed. It’s good to have a healthy dose of skepticism. But people doubted that we were launching Zambia Airways. We kept asking them to believe because the domino effect of having an airline is massive. We are flying in 2019,” he stated.

Lusaka Times