Police arrest 5 women filmed torturing a naked young woman

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo

A gang of five women are in police custody after a video emerged on social media showing them torturing a naked young woman. The gang is alleged to have shoved a castle bottle into her vagina, thereafter, they pumped chili sauce into her vagina.

The incident happened when the young woman was drinking beer at Start Point in Masala main market Ndola, with a Mr. Mwanza who is the husband to Precious Kapambwe. Whilst there, Mr.Mwanza’s wife Precious showed up in the company of other women.

Upon seeing his wife and her friends, Mr.Mwanza run away leaving the victim alone. Precious and her friends then picked the victim by force and took her to a home where she was forced to undress. Her arms and legs were held by the four women whilst the fifth one inserted an empty bottle of castle beer into her private parts. One of them started making a video and taking pictures. Police visited the scene and apprehended the named suspects and recovered 2 cell phones containing the video and pictures and clothes belonging to the victim.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has expressed disgust over the incident. Esther Katongo said it is saddening that women are the ones in the forefront undressing fellow women in public and taking videos which they later post on social media.

“This country has got laws and channels of reporting grievances and anything short of that will not be condoned. We are not in a jungle where only the fittest survive. We are ruled by laws and the provisions of the law should be adhered to,” Katongo said.

Meanwhile NGOCC has condemned in the strongest terms the assault of a woman by fellow women in the video that has gone viral on social media in which some women are visibly abusing another whom they have accused of being in a relationship with a married man.

The conduct of the women in the video is not only cruel, but inhuman and an abuse of the other woman’s rights. The behavior of the women to undress and dehumanize a fellow woman is the worst form of indignity and a violation of human rights that any human being can be exposed to.

As an organisation we have this morning engaged the Zambia Police command to demand the immediate arrest of those women for their barbaric conduct. It is therefore good that all those that were involved have since been arrested by the police on the Copperbelt. Nothing can justify their inhuman and degrading treatment of a fellow human being in such a manner.

NGOCC will follow this case to its logical conclusion to ensure that justice is done. In the meantime our members are working with the police to help the victim with some counselling in view of the traumatizing experience.

Zambians must desist from taking the law into their own hands by engaging in mob justice.

Lusaka Times