CHIBOLYA Police Post
CHIBOLYA Police Post

A NEW wave of crime in which criminals are blocking public buses and attacking passengers and crew has resurfaced in Lusaka’s notorious Chibolya Township.

The latest incident is said to have occurred at the weekend.

Narrating the ordeal to the Daily Nation, one of the passengers on the attacked Minibus, Martha Chama said the bus she boarded from City Market was ambushed by thugs around 19 hours.

“The thugs were armed with knives, screw drivers and other sharp instruments. I was going home on a Linda-Malupili bus. These boys appeared out of nowhere.

“They could have been about 20 or more. They started trying to get into the bus. They had screwdrivers, sharp objects, knives, and hammers. Others came from behind and were trying to get into the bus from behind,” she said.

Ms Chama said the thugs stabbed the conductor so that they could open the door of the bus as he tried to move further away from the door and also almost hurt a baby on the bus.

She narrated that they managed to open the door of the bus, harassing all the passengers.

“The people in the front were robbed, a handbag was stolen, some phones were stolen. At this point, I began to pray because they were now entering the bus. I think they were demanding a K10 or something like that because the conductor kept asking if someone had a K10. After some time, they started leaving and we were back on the road, happy that God saved our lives,” Ms Chama said.

Ms Chama added: ‘something must be done those boys are not normal. I never thought there were such human beings in this nation.”