IT doesn’t matter what anybody says about the MMD/PF political alliance because President Edgar Lungu and I are inseparable, MMD president Felix Mutati has said.

Mr Mutati said the party needed to be strong because a weakened MMD would make the alliance irrelevant.Speaking at Mpezeni Park in Chipata during the party’s card renewal exercise yesterday, Mr Mutati paid glowing tribute to President Lungu for giving him an opportunity to serve in his Cabinet and pledged to continue working hard to deliver in line with the principles on which the alliance was founded.  “It doesn’t matter what anybody says because Mutati and President Lungu are tight like a phone and a sim card. We have to deliver for the people of Zambia because I know that leadership comes from God and If God has not ordained you, you will never rule.  “The MMD is a party of values. By working in an alliance with the PF is not a sign of weakness because we have sacrificed the party for the interest of the people of Zambia,” Mr Mutati stated.

He said the decision to join forces with the PF which was agreed by the general membership during its convention in Kabwe was not a sign of weakness, but was made in the best interest of Zambians and that the MMD remained an independent party with structures across the country.  “The bold decision that was taken collectively at the convention was that the MMD should enter into a political alliance with the PF for the purpose of the 2016 elections.  And party national secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the card renewal exercise had made the party know its membership so that it could instil discipline if and when a need arose.