OPPOSITION political party leaders have given the police command in Luapula province 48 hours to give the nation a comprehensive report on the status of the matter involving a 30-year-old man of Chief Mwenda’s area in Mwense whose manhood was almost chopped off by suspected ritual killers a month ago.

They have also demanded the release of the only witness to the event, a thirteen year old held in custody for three weeks. His parents and the local chief are worried about his welfare and have demanded his release.

According to sources, the young boy was picked up after he had willingly offered information on the identity of the suspects who had allegedly threatened unspecified action against him when he escaped their dragnet on the fateful night.

Luapula province police commissioner, Elias Chushi has vowed not give the Daily Nation any updates on the matter because the newspaper was giving the victim, James Mubanga a platform to voice out his grievances.

“Why did you publish that we are about to charge the suspects with unlawful wounding or attempted murder? Do you have to publish everything that we talk about? I will not be telling you anything,” he said.

The political party leaders however called on the command at headquarters should keep an eye on the police in Luapula province following allegations that it was being compromised in the matter.

They questioned why the police were being dodgy and taking long to charge the suspects in the attack and contemplating on charging them with assault, which according to the victim was not befitting the crime because he could have died.

The leaders reiterated that Zambians had the right to know how far the matter had gone as it was on national interest.

Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) leader and 3rd Liberation Movement (3rd LM)’s Enock Tonga gave the police command 48 hours to exculpate themselves and inform the nation how far the matter had gone.

Mr Tonga said that the police had a duty to protect all citizens regardless of their status or position in life.

“We all saw those pictures and have been following the matter so keenly, so why are the police suddenly quiet and taking long to charge the suspects. We read that the ritual suspects have been nabbed, now what have they been charged with? We want to know, the matter is of national interest,” he said.

And Mr Musoma said that the police should tell the national what charge was slapped on the suspected ritual killers in Luapula.

He said that the area was well known for such attacks since time in memorial and that the police have been dragging in stamping out the vice.

Mr Musoma revealed that a personal friend was killed and found with some body parts missing a few years ago.

Mr Mubanga, the 30-year-old man who survived the attack said that he was now living in fear following reports that another body was found in the same area last week with body parts miss