Stop coercing the Church to work under incapacitated ZCID -OYV

Edgar Lungu at the Reformed church of Zambia in Chipata
Edgar Lungu at the Reformed church of Zambia in Chipata

The continued insistence that the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) should be the one to lead the dialogue by some sections of society especially those sympathetic with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party, including the Republican President is not only sad and unfortunate but also a mere scheme to denounce and frustrate all efforts by the Church to take Zambia and Zambians out of the political impasse to the ‘promised land’ where dialogue is concerned.

It is quite shocking that some people want the incapacitated ZCID to invite the Church to the dialogue table when the opposite should be the proper and acceptable way. The explanation to this is nothing but selfish agendas.

Operation Young Vote (OYV) stands with the Church (the 3 Church Mother Bodies) on its wise stance and God guided move to initiate a transparent, impartial, genuine, all embracing and result yielding dialogue that benefits the whole nation and not a smoke screen aimed at hoodwinking citizens and world as a whole.

The move by the Church is long overdue. In any case it was clear that the invitation of the Church and coercing it to work under the ZCID initiated dream was meant to paint a picture that the process was genuine when in fact not. It is inconceivable to compel the Church to work under some unclear terms and expect it to be impartial as its outcome.

Since it is inarguable that the Church is not only bigger than all of us as individuals and stakeholders but also our shepherd towards justice and love it only just that it be allowed to initiate and take charge of the dialogue process.

It must be emphasized that the Church has the capacity that cannot be questioned as by nature dialogue and reconciliation are its day to day mandate and obligation bestowed on it the God Almighty. It is also a fact that such magnitude of dialogue and engagement was handled before by the Church.

OYV will support every genuine dialogue endevour by the Church and would like to appeal to the Church to remain steadfast and repel all manner and scheme to be dragged into temptation by those bent to procrastinate the dialogue and reconciliation meant to heal the nation and benefit the citizens.

For and on behalf of OPERATION YOUNG VOTE
Guess Nyirenda (Mr.)
Executive Director

/Lusaka Times