UPND report runaway candidate to police

UPND Mazabuka rally addressed by veep Kapita, hon Nkombo and others
UPND Mazabuka rally addressed by veep Kapita, hon Nkombo and others

UPND election chairman Gary Nkombo has reported Dr Faustin Banda, who the opposition party adopted to contest the Kasenengwa by-election on its ticket, to the police for obtaining money by false pretence amounting to K2,000 and campaign materials.
Speaking to journalists after he lodged the complaint at Lusaka Central Police, Nkombo said Dr Banda’s action had made the party lose an opportunity to participate in the Kasenengwa parliamentary by-election.

Dr Banda was selected as candidate for the UPND in the Kasenengwa parliamentary election before he disappeared a night before the nomination day and switched off his phones.
“We have successfully launched a complaint to the police and the complaint that we have lodge is obtaining money and materials of the party by false pretences by Dr Faustin Banda which action has occasioned our not participating in the Kasenegwa parliamentary by-election. The police have opened a docket just now, they have confirmed to me,” said Nkombo.

“The purpose of this action must be understood that small things amount to big things. It must be understood that morality must be exercised at all times. Dr Banda must basically account for his actions. We are quite hopeful that they will eventually call him here.”
Nkombo said if Dr Banda had no intention of deceiving the party, he could have returned the materials to the party and explains the challenges he was facing.
“We are satisfied that his actions do amount to an act of criminality and he should be answerable. Whether he chooses to damp the money or the pieces of Chitenge here that he got, the point of the matter is, it was pretentious and he must come to answer charges. Small things amount to big, it doesn’t matter how much he got but we have a copy; it is only K2,000 and material that he signed for here,” said Nkombo.

Dr Banda, a University of Zambia lecturer, has told the media that his family pressured him not to contest the election. He acknowledged that the UPNF gave him K2,000 and 200 regalia for fuel back to Chipata and campaign respectively.

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