President Lungu should tame his tongue at airports – Mwanza


UPND Copperbelt vice spokesperson Lawrence Mwanza says President Edgar Lungu should tame his tongue at airports. And Mwanza says the PF and Lungu are scared of Hakainde Hichilema.

Last week, President Lungu advised the UPND to find a better player to challenge him.

“We are watching the World Cup right now and you can see that for players who are not doing very well, you substitute them. So I am challenging UPND to take stock of their team and find a better player to challenge me. The truth is that that guy is going to go nowhere because we now know his true nature,” said President Lungu.

But Mwanza said President Lungu was not using his senses when speaking.

“However, to some of us, it is not surprising that Mr Lungu can utter such words to describe his political opponents. What is surprising though is the fact that there are people who are surprised at these utterances. It is even more surprising that there are people who believe in Mr Lungu’s ‘humility’. Mr Lungu should tame his tongue when he is at the airport. He gets so excited that he can say anything without thinking. It is a shame on him,” Mwanza said.

“Mr Lungu is failing to use his senses. We don’t know what the problem with this man is. Zambia is a democracy and we expect him to respect this fact. The man has projected himself as humble but what comes from his mouth! He is a serious curse for Zambia. It could have been better if he behaved like a fearing and ordained leader, but his conduct is something else.”

He said President Lungu should learn to use befiting language on his opponents.

Mwanza said the PF should just “focus on delivering its failed campaign promises”.

He said President Lungu was scared to face Hichilema in the 2021 general elections.

“Come to think about this, who in any contest would ask for an opponent who would unseat him or her from glory? Anybody would be happy to have it easy. His own party has declared him as a sole candidate for 2021. So us as UPND we have declared Hichilema and his vice (GBM) as our candidates for 2021,” said Mwanza.

“So we are not going to waste time on PF and Mr Lungu. Zambia needs serious leadership that will change the faces of our people. People are suffering yet the PF and Mr Lungu are busy stealing public funds. Time is slowly closing up on them.”

[The Mast Online]


  1. Then there could be some truth to speculations that the man starts gulping down the “devil’s water” immediately after he straps himself into the plane’s seat!