Mulongonti says never accused President Lungu of being a foreigner.


I HAVE never accused President Edgar Lungu of being a foreigner. All I wanted was approval of his nationality through the Public Protector says, Peoples Party president Mike Mulongoti.

Mr Mulongoti said there was nothing strange for him to ask the Office of the Public Protector to verify President Lungu’s nationality as previous Presidents had been asked to do so.

He said he only wrote to the Public Protector to ascertain if President Lungu was indeed Zambian and it was New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale who accused President Lungu of being a foreigner.

He said he had formally written to the Public Protector and nowhere in the letter did he accuse President Lungu of being a foreigner.

Mr Mulongoti told the Daily Nation in an interview that President Lungu and his supporters were the ones who had dragged the matter and blowing it out of proportion by not responding to the letter he wrote to the Public Protector.

“What I did is just to write to the Public Protector, so that President Lungu Should provide his NRC to the institution for verification and it should have ended there but he has not yet done so, there is no need for us to know Mr Lungu’s relatives,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said it was immaterial that the President visited his relatives recently as that was not the issue at hand.

“All we are asking from Mr Lungu as a public officer is “tizibane” formally by going to the public protector, he himself asked the same questions to Dr Chiluba when he was practicing as a lawyer,” he said.