God will punish looters of public funds- Islamic Council of Zambia

Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba

Islamic Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba has admonished those looting public funds to desist from the act or face the wrath of god.

Mr Zimba gave a gave the warning following revelations contained in the 2017 financial intelligence centre that Zambia Incurred estimated losses of k4.5 billion linked to financial crimes such as corruption and tax evasion, among others, in 2017, saying that god’s anger ‘’will surely come upon them.

He has told QTV news that the spate of wanton theft of public funds is a clear confirmation of total breakdown of discipline in the management of public affairs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zimba has recognized the need for the government institutions to be employing people on merits and not on political lines.

He feels that there is a need for government institutions desist from such tendency because it is affecting the country’s development.

Mr. Zimba believes that for the country to develop, right people should be employed based on their calibre to deliver development.

He notes that the tendency of employing people based on their political affiliation has been a thorny issue to the country dating back to the MMD’s government but that it must come to an end if the country is to develop.