Chipenzi calls for removal of Kampyongo as Minister

Kampyongo shows how it is done
Kampyongo shows how it is done

Electoral expert McDonald Chipenzi is calling for the removal of Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo from his Ministerial position.

Mr. Chipenzi says Mr.Kampyongo is the commander or National Youth Chairperson of the PF youth wing which is currently causing and brandishing offensive weapons during elections.

He explains that Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja who is supposed to deal with lawlessness is reporting to Kampyongo, the commander of this lawless gang of youths from the ruling party.

Mr. Chipenzi says Zambia deserves a mature, level headed, human right practitioner to head the Ministry of Home Affairs not a Youth Chairperson of the ruling party who is a cadre and will use youth leagues to cause violence, insults and indiscipline.

Chikuni Community Radio Station