The 2021 General Elections Might be bloody – Musenge

PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

Kitwe. 06.06.2018.

The political violence witnessed in yesterday’s chilanga constituency parliamentary by election is extremely sad.

The Chilanga result is a farce and a parody of victory.

The result is not a true reflection of the aspirations of the people of Chilanga.

The violence instigated by armed pf gangs prevented a number of voters from flocking to the voting centres.

And this pf sponsored violence was not only in Chilanga district. We had pickets of violence in Mununga in Chiengi district where a local Government election was held.

The violence witnessed in chilanga and other parts of the country is a clear attestation that the 2021 polls might just be bloody.

The whole nation needs to stand up and unite and fight political violence.

Governance institutions such as the police should stand above board and protect National interests.

If armed gangs from the pf are not caged, these militia will be more powerful than terrorists wings in 2021.

It is clear that the pf will do anything and everything possible to illegally perpetuate their stay in power.

The pf has seen that they have no support from the masses.

No wonder, they took the law into their own hands and intimidated the electorate’s.

A lot of tax payers money was also used to sway the vote.

The beating and miming of innocent voters in chilanga defeated the whole purpose of a free and fair poll.

If the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ was indeed independent, this election should have been nullified.

What is more nauseating is the bare fact that’s these acts of savagery seem to have the blessings of State House.

President Edgar lungu knows who is funning these satanic acts.

President lungu knows exactly who is arming his carders.

Mr. Lungu has all these security reports on his desk.

Could it be that President lungu now wants to perpetuate his stay in power through oligarchic means?

As NDC, we want to remind Mr. Lungu that sooner than later, citizens might be forced to take the law into their own hands.

We fear that they might be civil unrest in 2021 if the pf will attempt to impose themselves on the people.

Citizens will rise and fight this system if this regime fails to control state sponsored thugs from harming innocent citizens.

Zambia is not and shall never be a Government of men.

This country is a Government of laws, which laws ought to be respected.

The most honourable thing that President lungu should have allowed is let the chilanga people speak out without being forced and coerced as they went to the polls.

Mr. Lungu should learn from what happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe and South Africa.

If Mr. Lungu attempts to amputate the law, this will not go down well with the masses.

President lungu brags to be a Christan but what happened in chilanga is against Christian values and doctrines.

It is total anarchy.

Some Cabinet Ministers where caught bribing voter’s and distributing handouts in chilanga.

And where was the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ in all this?

With what happened in chilanga yesterday, the need for genuine dialogue should never be overemphasized.

Those called to superintend over dialogue need to start the healing process urgently.

We have a number of contentious political issues to resolve as a country.

2021 is only a few months from now and there is need to bring sanity to the political arena.

Zambia is supposed to be a shining example in the region in terms of democracy.

But all this has been negate by the pf regime.

President Lungu and the pf should respect the will of the people.

Violence should never have room in this country.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. Secretary General NDC.