Nevers Mumba congratulates Maria Langa


On behalf of the MMD President, Dr Nevers Mumba, and the entire MMD fraternity, we would like to congratulate the Patriotic Front’s Maria Langa For having won the just ended Chilanga parliamentary by-election. And in doing so, we wish to implore you to work hard for all people of Chilanga regardless of political affiliation.

We extend our words of encouragement to all other political parties who participated in the elections. We say well done for believing in our democracy no matter the challenges.

There can only be one winner and for this one, it was Maria Langa.

We, however, note sadly, that the now, ever-present feature of violence was still observable once again during the campaign period and on the polling day. This is a source of major concern. The Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Zambia Police appear to have no answer to this disturbing trend.

Further to this is the strange feature of masked police men. This is a very disturbing sight in a democracy like ours. It invokes fear and suspicion in the citizens. We demand for the banning of these face covering masks from the police service.

In a few weeks, there will be other elections which have been caused by the demise of the 2 heads of councils on Lusaka and Chilanga. We expect better management of these elections by both the Police and the Electoral Commission Of Zambia. The handling of these by-elections are a foretaste of how well the 2021 elections will be managed.

Once again we say congratulations The Patrotic Front and to Hon Maria Langa

Dr Cephas Mukuka
A/MMD spokesperson