President Edgar Lungu is Jonathan Mutaware – Silwale

Fresher Siwale

Now the whole world will know who Jonathan Mutaware is – Siwale

Opposition New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale has declared that the the entire world will now know that President Edgar Lungu is indeed Jonathan Mutaware now that the court process has started.

Addressing Journalists outside the Magistrate Court yesterday after he was finally released from jail, 30 days after he was arrested, Mr Siwale said the world will now know the truth.

Mr Siwale stated that he is happy that the court process has finally started saying that this was what he had been waiting for.

He reiterated that he will prove that President Lungu stole another man’s identify.

And Mr Mulongoti says he shocked that people who claimed to be President Lungu’s relatives have apparently vanished after they threatened to sue him over his claims that the Head of State is a foreigner.

He said he still ready and waiting for the people who claimed to be relatives of the Head of State to come and report him to be police.
Chikuni Community Radio Station