zambian drunk woman
zambian drunk woman

…As Cabinet approves the implementation of the National Alcohol Policy….*


*….that The National Heritage Conservation Commission takes over the ownership of all significant Heritage sites in the Nation….*

*Smart Eagles Reporter*

ZAMBIA’S Minister In-Charge of Information and Broadcasting Hon. Dora Siliya has announced the approval of the implementation of the National Alcohol Policy by Cabinet which sat on Monday the 21st of May 2018 at STATEHOUSE in Lusaka.

Hon. Siliya stated that alcohol taken beyond recommended levels put people at risk of consequences such as:

1. Developing Cancers

2. Causing accidents

3. Gender based violence

4. Promiscuity

5. Mental Illness


6. Low birth weight in Children born from drinking Mother’s .

And Hon. Siliya stated that a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) brought forth a startling revelation that Zambian Women where at the top of the list as the highest Alcohol Consumers in the world.

” This is a big challenge for Government because women are considered to be a force to help curb alcoholism and prevent alcohol – related harms in the Children.”

” Evidence suggests that 42 percent of Zambian Women drink excessively.” She said.

And the Chief Government Spokesperson stated that alcohol interfered with a person’s ability to meet their responsibility and if over indulgence occurred over a period of time, it was likely to lead to alcoholism or chemical addiction to alcohol.

” Alcoholism will lead to withdrawal of Symptoms that can be quite severe and during treatment for withdrawal, the response to the fall in blood levels can lead a person to have seizures and possible death. Cabinet has agreed that all sectors should participate in implementation of this important policy.” She said.

Meanwhile, Hon Siliya has reveled that Cabinet has approved that the National Heritage Conservation Commission takes over the ownership of all significant heritage sites that are in private hands using a well fortified compulsory aquisition mechanism and to further negotiate with individuals in instances where such heritage sites are in Private hands.

” Zambia has a number of historic sites relating to it’s own independence history and that of the liberation movement from the neighbouring countries. Zambia was at the centre of liberalisation of Southern Africa from colonialism. Unfortunately, most of these heritage sites are being destroyed due to a number of factors such as properties being in private hands and lack of adherence to heritage cohesion principles by the stakeholders in the development of the tourism sector.” She said.

Hon. Siliya stated that Cabinet emphasized that the rich Zambian history needed to be written in order that records were kept clear for the future generation.

The Minister said this when she addressed the Press at her office at Government Complex in Lusaka this Morning.