A Traditional Leader in North Western Province is worried at the kind of politics which are being advanced by politicians through unnecessary debates of issues such as President Edgar Lungu receiving land from Eswatini.
Chief Mujimanzovu of the Kaonde Speaking people of Mushindamo District in North Western Province said Zambia also gave King Mswati Land in Solwezi as an individual and not the People of Swaziland.
According to the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper of July 21, 2009, during his state visit under Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda, Chiefs in Noth Western Province through Chief Mujimanzovu gave King Mswati land which he promised to develop.

“King Mswati was given land by me with a view of one cementing the relationship which exists between Zambia and Mswati and the mere fact that we gave him land did not mean we will give him resources to develop the land”. Chief Mujimanzovu explained.

The Traditional Leader recalls King Mswati promising to send a delegation from Swaziland to come and see what sort of development can be put up and also look at economic activities the two countries can embark on.
“If he so wishes to develop the land, I think we would have no problems ourselves to it because we offered it and it is up to him on how he develops it”, he said.
The Traditional Leader said the giving of land to an individual is out of interest expressed by that particular person and King Mswati is simply reciprocating the gesture extended to him in 2009.
Chief Mujimanzovu further said King Mswati promised to reciprocate the gesture when President Banda visits that country and this has been done through giving land to President Lungu.

He said Zambia is witnessing politics that will not bring sanity to the country or continue to promote peace and unity from the current crop of politicians and this is a sad situation that must be reversed.
Chief Mujimanzovu becomes the third Traditional Leader in the country apart from Chief Chamuka of the Lenje Speaking People of Kabwe in Central Province and Chief Chikanta of the Tonga Speaking people of Kalomo District in Southern Province to give counsel on the issuance of land to President Lungu by King Mswati.