Chief Chamuka supports Edgar Lungu owning Land in Swaziland

Senior Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people in Central Province

Chief Chamuka supports king Mswati’s gesture to President Lungu

Senior Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people in Central Province says there is nothing wrong with King Mswati’s gesture to give land to President Edgar Lungu during his recent visit to Swaziland.

The Tradition Leader explains that it is part of the African Customary Laws for Kings and royal highnesses to offer gifts of any kind to high profiled people when they visit palaces.

Senior Chief Chamuka says it is wrong for Zambians to raise issues and complain over the land when the people in Swaziland have not even launched any formal complaints.

He says he has equally given different kinds of gifts to most high profiled people who have visited him at his palace as a symbol of appreciation

The Tradition Leader says Zambians should find the time and read customary laws to avoid being misinformed.

The Traditional Leader has also urged Zambians to focus on internal developmental issues and not issues in other countries

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  1. In any civilised society or organisation, officers are not supposed to obtain from other parties, other than their employers, any other profits, incomes, or assets hat accrue by virtue of their office. Such benefits must be declared and handed over to their principals, their employers, except as any may be provided for as de minimis or small allowable amounts. Even Sitting Allowances are declarable to employers! Just who has allowed Lungu and his staff to keep and fail to declare such gifts? Is it moral, reasonable, or ethical, so to conceal, really? Would Lungu and his staff been gifted such assets if they were not employees of the Zambian Government is the question at hand!