Constitution amendment bill awaiting cabinet approval

Tension in Zambia created by constitution making process
Tension in Zambia created by constitution making process

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says the constitution amendment bill is currently before cabinet for approval before it is taken to parliament in June this year.

Mr. Lubinda however said the constitution amendment bill is expected to be published in public gazettes this week as soon as it receives cabinet approval.

He said the publication of the amended bill will allow the public to read and scrutinize the document and make necessary proposals through their members of parliament or to parliament when the bill is presented.

The minister also explained that his ministry will conduct a meeting with Members of Parliament on June 9th and 10th, this year.

Mr. Lubinda was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

He also stated that his ministry will request the Zambia Centre for Inter party Dialogue -ZCID- to facilitate a meeting for Secretary General of various political parties on the same matter on June 13 and 14 this year.

Mr. Lubinda has further said the summit of Presidents will also look at the proposals made on the bill on June 15th and 16th before the bill is taken to parliament for first reading on June 19th.

And Mr. Lubinda says government intends to finalize the constitution amendment bill before tackling the public order act and the electoral reforms.



  1. Does the Bill include:
    1. Removal of Presidential Immunity;
    2. Provincial Assemblies:
    3. Election of Provincial Governors/Premiers:
    4. Cabinet Outside Parliament;
    5. Chiefs’ Participation in Active Politics;
    6. Limitation of Presidential Office to two Occasions?