Wynter Kabimba is shameless, immoral, immature good for nothing – NDC


Kitwe. 08.05.2018.

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba is a shameless, immoral, immature good for nothing, irrelevant pf surrogate who should never be taken serious.

Kabimba who has no vision and agenda for Zambia has started a well calculated propaganda ploy against the NDC.

Kabimba is doing all this with the view of winning favours from his former paymasters the pf.

In his hallucinations, Kabimba probably wants to get back to pf with the view of hijacking the pf presidency.

Kabimba is so desperate that he wants to get back to the pf purely for economic survival.

This is a man who is failing to pay rentals for properties he rents in lusaka.

Kabimba thinks the only way to become financially viable is for him to engage himself in trivial and coordinated attacks targeted at the NDC.

This cheap talk won’t take Kabimba any where. The people of Zambia can’t trust this charlatan character.

Kabimba was a narrow mind. In case he has forgotten, let us remind him. This is a man who was chased from the pf because of his treacherous and mischievous character.

Kabimba is obviously so shallow that he has forgotten how the whole nation celebrated when he was fired from cabinet by the late President Sata.

Kabimba has on prime TV last evening making unsubstantiated allegations about NDC consultant and 2021 Presidential candidate Chishimba kambwili.

We expected Kabimba to address issues rather than disparaging Dr. Kambwili.

We want to advise Kabimba to concentrate on organizing his rainbow party.

Kabimba can’t match his briefcase party to the NDC.

NDC is a national party. NDC has structures countrywide unlike the Rainbow party.

If Kabimba continues attacking the NDC consultant, we shall aggressively continue taking him on.

Kabimba has no name in Zambian politics. This is a man who has even failed to win an election at ward level. He failed several times to win as Mp even in his own village.

Kabimba should not accuse the NDC of being a tribal party. NDC has membership drawn from all regions of the country.

Kabimba can’t compare himself to NDC consultant Dr. Kambwili.

Whilst Dr. Kambwili is charismatic, Kabimba is not.

As NDC, we feel the opposition should centre its discourse on real issues. It was not out wish to attack Kabimba, but we thought of warning him and reminding him to keep his lane.

Issued by: Charles Kabwita. NDC National Youth Chairperson.


  1. Kabwits you right this had no vision. Look at the way he was behaving when he was acting president.In addition, kindly publicize the country wide structure of our NDC do that we can know who to approach whenever we want genuine information about our party, not from distorted public media both printed and electronic.

  2. Kabwits you right this had no vision. Look at the way he was behaving when he was acting president.