Ndola, 20th April, 2018.

CHIFUBU Constituency was today lit as hundreds trekked to the main market grounds to see and listen to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The drive from Industrial Area up along Kwacha road was littered with Ndola residents happily flashing the PF symbol as the presidential motorcade cruised by, nafuti nafuti 2021 they chanted as the head of state waved at them.

And on arrival in Chifubu, President Lungu was greeted by huge crowd who thanked him for taking time to meet them.

Some climbed on shop roof tops, market shelter roof and trees just to have a glimpse of the gallant leader.

And addressing the people President Lungu promised the marketers not just a new shelter but a brand new modern market so that they can trade with pride.

The Head of State says during his tenure he will also ensure that a new hospital is built in the constituency noting that he will immediately engage Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya to expedite this with urgency.

President Lungu also noted that he was happy with the development projects so far achieved in the constituency which include; roads, bridges, water reticulation system and general human empowerment.

He said it was these positives that have caused his opposers to just make noise and scream rhetoric as they have nothing to say because the PF have continued to deliver on their campaign promises.

“They now look up and when it does not rain ati ni Lungu, when it rains and it rains too much ati Lungu awe yes ninebo Lungu buti shili Mulungu,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State observed that some disgruntled politicians have continued to insult him claiming he and his government have departed from president Sata’s legacy.

However, the head of state reminded the crowd that these politicians are merely disgruntled because he fired them further observing that the PF government still had many people who worked with President Sata still working with him and continuing to carry the development agenda of the PF forward.

President Lungu said the same people have opted to continue to throw unwarranted claims that he is corrupt but they are the ones who have had Anti-Corruption Commission chasing after them and even know that he fired them because he thought their fingers became too sticky.

“They say I am corrupt that I have house all over Lusaka that we all cannot see, they say ati Lungu is corrupt naina, bushe nijina who is fat between him and I?”

“Tell you the truth I shall not be distracted by people who insult me, I promised development and thus I have a job to deliver,” said President Lungu.

By Choma Daily News