Pilato responds to Interpol arrest warrant

Pilato, governance activist Laura Miti
Pilato, governance activist Laura Miti

Reports say, I have been reported to the International Police by the Zambian government for protesting corruption and running away from hooligans. I will be happy to hand myself to any law enforcement agency even the Zambian police.

The first day I started this journey I knew it wouldn’t be an easy one. I knew it was a journey in the wilderness. I perfectly understand that my own freedom of expression is my responsibility to stand by my own actions and words. This responsibility means that I should be able to face the law whenever required both the just laws and the unjust ones as long as they are agreed upon. This is not a path I chose with my guts but one that was chosen with very strong convictions of a socially just society. I do not believe that inequality and social injustice can overcome itself, this is something that those that believe in the ideas of a socially just society must fight for. I protested and I will protest again as long as the masses of our people remain deprived of a decent livelihood. There’s no justification why the president and his pets can be getting rich every day while the majority of our population keep drowning in the bottomless pit of poverty. I will again protest and demand for accountability as long as our people remain under-served.

The slave must be willing to pay the highest price for his freedom because those that enslave him may not be willing to let him go for free. This is what led to our own freedom as country.

I will wait for the Interpol to arrest me this week and next week…. If they don’t I will walk into the nearest police station here or even travel back to Zambia to be arrested. I am willing and ready to be arrested by the police and not the thugs.

Thank you


  1. Eminem an American artist rapper recently removed a single titled ” we hate trump”. in the song, the Artist insulted the American president over several matters relating to the presidents questionable character and leadership. The artist as carried on living freely without having any local authorities pouning on his door step. That’s how true democracy carries along with it freedom of expression in certain states.

  2. I’m willing and ready to be arrested by the police then why did u ran away in the first place? if indeed u are willing, the avail your self at the nearest police station. why wait to for interpol to arrest u this week or next week as put it. stop being a sympathy seeker.

  3. My dear Watson, its true but if i may ask what is it that pilato is getting from attacking the Gvnmt….? life is precious to protect himself, were is captain solo and other? from jail few months gone. PILATO may think what is doing is for nation but he will die alone and we shall be saying if pilato was here would have say this and that. its better to keep quiet and enjoy the life like any another zambians

  4. Pilato is not a criminal to deserve this kind of treatment. The government should learn to agree or disagree in some matters.