Wynter Kabimba’s insinuations motivated by jealousy – Faston


I find it extremely disgraceful that comrade Wynter Kabimba could peddle such appalling falsehoods, calculated to discredit the leadership of the Socialist Party and to tilt public favour against socialism.

It should go without saying that the unfortunate remarks attributed to the leader of the Rainbow Party are nothing but a packet of filth motivated by unbridled jealousy and ill will. I must aver that comrade Wynter is an accomplished political figure whom many hold in very high esteem, irrespective of his shortcomings. But for him to stoop so low to engage in politics of hate, falsehood and malice, is really regrettable.

I can state without any fear of contradiction that the majority of the members of the Rainbow Party left the party because there were very strong allegations that comrade Wynter was having clandestine meetings with the leadership of the Patriotic Front at State House, coordinated by Robert Chikwelete. He categorically failed to clear himself of the allegations. These allegations were enforced by his recent remarks that he voted for President Edgar Lungu in the last general elections and this statement summed it all.

The successful launch of the Socialist Party has obviously left him at sea and is now literally vacillating between the PF and the UPND. What has happened to comrade Wynter should serve as a lesson to all party leaders who want to patronise their members and run a party as a personal asset. Leaders should at all times realise that the greatest asset of any politician worth the salt, are the people. As such, they ought to be treated with utmost respect and consideration.

The birth of the Socialist Party in Zambia is a direct response to very strong and clear calls from people of varied and diverse backgrounds across the country seeking to chart a course out of the capitalist quagmire. We in the Socialist Party understand fully well that the birth of the Socialist Party will not only alter the political terrain but will also change the political dynamics in the country. This entails that those leaders who are still glued to pedestrian politics of cho-chise will inevitably become irrelevant to the needs and aspirations of the people.

Comrade Cosmas Musumali and comrade Fred M’membe have openly stated that they are not politicians, but revolutionaries seeking to transform society from capitalist right wing politics that flourish on cutthroat competition, unbridled greed and naked self-interest fuelled by consumerism to Marxist-Leninist inspired politics founded on equity, honesty, humility, and solidarity. So please spare them from petty politics of personal attacks designed to deviate them from issues that matter most.
By Faston Mwale – socialist activist