Kitwe’s notorious “90 NIGGAS’ gang members arrested

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Kitwe have arrested 13 boys belonging to a criminal gang commonly known as ’90 Niggas’ for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

The boys are reported to have been harassing members of the public in Kitwe’s Bulangililo Township.

This is another criminal gang from the already known SOD, and Takota.

Divisional Criminal Investigations Officer Charles Mbita says the boys will appear in court tomorrow and that police in Kitwe will not condone break down in law and order.

Meanwhile, a Peruvian national has died at Mopani’s Mufulira mine after being hit by a Toro Machine.

Efrain Rodgers Julian aged 38 was working as a maintenance Supervisor at Reliant Drilling, a company contracted by Mopani Copper Mine to do underground works at its Mufulira site.

Dr. Mbita says Rodgers’ body is in Malcom Watson Hospital awaiting postmortem.

And in Ndola, a 70-year-old Congolese woman was electrocuted as she hang her clothes on a line outside her home.

Dr. Mbita says the woman was electrocuted after a short circuit from the line that was connected to the house and the perimeter wall.