Wynter Kabimba
Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba

…His Socialist Party Broke Away From Rainbow to Pursue Gay, Anti-Christ Agenda

IN a twist of events Wynter Kabimba a former close friend and political ally of Former Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe has disclosed that the two fell out because he refused to succumb to M’membe’s agenda to stir gay rights into the Zambia society.

Kabimba who after being fired as Justice Minister and Patriotic Front Secretary General sought refuge with Fred M’membe and together founded the Rainbow Party supposed to base on socialist ideology but shortly saw the two not seeing eye to eye leading to his then running mate Dr Cosmas Musumali breaking away and finding the Socialist Party which has now announced M’membe as their Presidential candidate for the 2021 elections.

But yesterday Kabimba decided to spill the beans as to why the political trio broke apart declaring that he could not subscribe to the immoral views M’membe was requesting him to inculcate in their political agenda.

Kabimba who was live on Millennium Radio additionally disclosed that M’membe and Musumali broke away to form the Socialist Party to not only champion their homosexuality agenda but also his anti-Christ approach

Kabimba said the Socialist Party leaders and him disagreed with their views on sexual orientation and also their radical approach against prayer.

“What led our counterparts to leave and form the Socialist Party is the fact that we had differences on our views towards sexual orientation, and also we disagreed with them when they claimed that socialism does not subscribe to prayer.

“So they went on to form their own party which would allow such practices, the Socialist Party, now just take a look at the kind of people that attended their launch,” Mr Kabimba said.

Murmurs and rumours have numerously passed linking M’membe to not only support gay rights but be gay as well.

Last year social media went ablaze with M’membe allegedly having a gay affair with a German diplomat and this relationship allegedly is what kept the Post Newspaper alive, M’membe has never come out publicly to ever refute these numerous claims.