President Lungu threatened by Socialist Party – M’membe


Socialist Party President Dr. Fred M’membe says the expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Vilas for merely attending his party’s meeting shows how scared the PF is of the Socialist Party.

President Edgar Lungu has directed that the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pagés Vilas be recalled for engaging in political activities in Zambia.

Dr. M’membe says this seemingly irrational behaviour of President Lungu and his government over the launch of the Socialist Party is based on real fear.

He says this is the fear of informed and political conscious Zambian masses, of a genuine revolutionary political formation with a credible leadership and that of international solidarity sympathetic to the plight of the people of Zambia.

Dr. M’membe says the Socialist Party and its leadership are bringing out all these elements and the Party is the symbol of hope and a new beginning for the suffering and disillusioned Zambia people.

The defunct Post Newspaper owner and Veteran Journalist says there is, therefore, a good reason for the panic exhibited by the President and his government.

He, however, notes that this panic mode is exposing serious faults and extreme levels of incompetency in the ability of the President to continue running this country.

The Socialist Party President has also apologized to the nine people who were humiliated at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) and denied entry into the country.

Dr. M’membe says their commitment to the spirit of Pan-Africanism and the working class struggle was manifested by their humility in the face of all the injustice they had to endure on Zambian soil.