Kambwili’s family reject political, suspicious medical evacuation


Lusaka. 24.03.2018.

The family of National Democratic Congress NDC consultant Chishimba kambwili has rejected the gesture by Government to have him evacuated to South Africa for medical treatment.

The family of Dr. Kambwili however wants to thank Government for this gesture.

However, the family and the NDC feels the decision to move Dr. Kambwili to South Africa is a mockery, highly suspicious and political.

The family and the party have all the confidence in the local medical Doctors currently attending to Dr. Kambwili.

As NDC, we feel the Government should upgrade the existing health facilities countrywide.

We currently have a number of Zambians who are dying in Local hospitals because our facilities do not have drugs and medical personnel.

Government should therefore look seriously into upgrading existing the local medical facilities.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. Secretary General NDC.