Van Blerk arrest over ZRA Tax Clearance Certificate forgery

criminal records, crime, arrest, court
criminal records, crime, arrest, court

LUSAKA businessman Jonathan Frank Van Blerk has been arrested and charged with forgery and criminal tresspass.

According to a warrant of arrest signed by senior resident magistrate Greenwell Malumani dated March 7, Blerk is jointly charged with Sydney Musonda Kalema on two counts of forgery and another charge of criminal tresspass.

Blerk, of 14 Farm 4300 off Kafue Road, Lilayi in Lusaka, was apprehended on Wednesday and is currently in police custody awaiting court appearance on Tuesday.

In the first count, it is alleged that Blerk and Kalema on dates unknown but sometime on or about January 29, 2018 made a false document namely a Tax Clearance Certificate relating to property transfer tax payable on sale of F/4300/B/22, Lusaka without lawful authority.

The second count alleged that the two accused persons about January 17, 2017 made a false application for consent to assign relating to F/4300/B/20 and F/4300/b/22, Lusaka to Tropical Products Zambia Limited and thereby caused to be issued a document known as consent to assign with intent to register the property in the names of Tropical Products Zambia Limited.

In the third count of criminal tresspass, allegations are that Blerk and Kalema together with other unknown persons on dates unknown but between November 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018, entered upon property F/4300/B/1 and two and also F/4300/B/9,10,11, and 12 and thereby annoyed, intimidated and disturbed the occupants of the properties without lawful authority. THE MAST