UPND Vice President Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba this morning delivered the k300,000 he promised Marketeers,Youths and Taxi Drivers in Kasama’s River rest area.

Doctor Mwamba on saturday pledged to empower marketeers ,Youths and Taxi Drivers with k300,000 which was to be shared among the trio.

And on sunday 11th March 2018, scores of marketeers, youths and Taxi drivers stormed GBM’s Kasama residence waiting to be addressed on the K300,000 ordeal.

K100,000 was to be shared among Taxi Drivers, K100,000 among the Marketeers and k100,000 among the Youths to bring the total to K300,000,irrespective of whether one is UPND or PF.

A check by the UPND Media Team ,this morning ,found Marketeers,Youths and Taxi Drivers organizing themselves in groups for a thorough distribution of a k300,000.

Pictures below show scores of Northern Province residents gathered at River Rest Arena to equally share the donation.

Addressing the Marketeers,Youths and Taxi Drivers , on behalf of Dr Mwamba ,Northern Province UPND Vice Chairman for mobilization Jackson Simutenda has charged that the Patriotic Front has brought poverty to the Zambians.

Mr Simutenda says “ifyo mulemona apa nikadyonko fye(What you are seeing now is simply a tip of an iceberg).

Ngatwabikapo ba HH naba GBM , fikacilapo pantu bena tebakabolala(If we allow HH and GBM to govern, they will do more for you because they do not steal).

“In UPND ,we want all the poor Youths,Marketeers and Taxi Drivers to be empowered whether PF or UPND”.

Tatwakwata akapatulula nakalya(We do not marginalize at all).

“When we take over leadership, we shall ensure all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation benefit from the national cake.”

GBM donation were done in full view of Police Officers gathering at a distance helplessly.


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