Lusambo directs demolition of illegal properties on drainage system


Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusamba says the government will use all the necessary measures to bring sanity in Lusaka.

Mr Lusambo says the directive to the local authority to urgently, demolish all illegal properties that have clogged the drainage system is without compromise.

Speaking during the tour of Chawama and Misisi Compound in Lusaka Mr Lusambo says illegal and unplanned structures should not stand in the way of development as proper drainage system is needed.

Meanwhile Lusaka City council Deputy Mayor Chilando Chitangala says the operation to demolish illegal and unplanned structures that have clogged the drainage system in the city will go as directed.

And Nkholoma ward One Councillor Tasilla Lungu says the call by government to demolish illegal structures that have clogged the drainage system is a welcome development.



  1. Ba Winter keep your ideologies and beliefs to yourself. If Lungu is your man let it be so.Don’t speak for others. Remember you’ve got your own path to run and govern, govern it well to the principles your members value it to. If the members worship you then good for you. But remember whatever happens as a party, needs a consensus of the majority. If it hurts you that HH is worshipped, then don’t talk about it because it’s non of your business. You don’t belong to UPND, so why talk about UPND. Keep your views, likes and dislikes to yourself.