Planned impeachment motion will flop – Musukwa


Former government Chief Whip Richard Musukwa has charged that the planned impeachment process by the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and National Democratic Congress will be a flop and an exercise in futility.

Mr. Musukwa says this is because Zambians expressed their confidence by voting for president lungu through the ballot box during the 2016 general election.

And Mr. Musukwa has told q-news that trying to impeach president lungu is a sign that the (UPND) is desperate to get into state house through the back door.

He has confidence in Zambians that having expressed their confidence in president lungu through the ballot box in 2016, they will not use the back door method to remove president lungu from the presidency.

Mr. Musukwa has therefore, advised the UPND not to waste their time engaging Zambians in an academic exercise of impeaching president lungu because the pending motion is a nonstarter.

He notes that the Zambian parliamentarians have more pertinent issues to debate on in parliament than supporting politicians with intent to frustrate government development process.