Chinese contractor paying Zambian workers K17 per day


Special Assistant to the President for Project Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah has taken a swipe at a Chinese contractor for paying Zambian workers K17 per day which is below the minimum wage.

Mr Chellah observed that the K17 which amounts to a monthly income of K500 is below the K1, 132 minimum wage for general workers, and should not be tolerated anywhere in the country.

He described the low wages being paid to the Zambian employees as a mockery saying China Jianqxi, which is building the K44 million Chasefu Secondary Boarding School in Lundazi district, should next month improve the working conditions for the local people.

Mr Chellah who found the Zambia employees carrying out their work without protective gear forced the employers to immediately give the workers protective boots.

He observed that the contractor had packed the boots when the labourers were carrying out their work without protective gear.

He wondered why the employers opted to keep the protective boots when the employees were working without protective gear.

And later when he paid a courtesy call on district commissioner Jane tPalukani, Mr Chellah learnt the authorities had employed teachers and enrolled pupils at the school which is at 70 percent completion level.

Ms Palukani said the pupils and the teachers were diverted to a neighboring school because the school could not be operationalized in its current state.

The district commissioner said there is need to ensure that the project is completed before it is operationalized.

And Mr Chellah wondered how authorities hoped to operationalize the school whose classrooms had not yet been roofed.

He noted that the school was not ready for operationalization as the construction works had not yet been completed.

He urged authorities in the district to give technical advice on how and when such facilities can be operationalized as they understand the status of the infrastructure.
Sun FM Zambia