Amos Chanda

PRESIDENTIAL Spokesperson Amos Chanda says the level of ignorance displayed by opposition UPND in understanding or explaining the operations of the presidency or governance is what will forever subject them to be just that; ‘AN OPPOSITION PARTY.’

And Chanda has said UPND have run out of ideas of how to engage government in a civil manner and therefore are resorting to extreme low caliber of politics such as printing toilet rolls with the picture of the President.

Speaking in a live news cast with Voice of America who requested him to respond to UPND criticism of President Edgar Lungu hosting Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila, Chanda wondered what role they expected the deputy chair and incoming chair of the TROIKA to play than that that of mediator, supervisor of defense, peace and security in the region.

He said President Lungu as the incoming chair of the SADC politics defense and security presides over the organ of the 14 member regional block of countries that supervises politics and defense and security processes to ensure the SADC region is stable.

Chanda observed that it was this low level of thinking that would subject UPND to always be an opposition party adding that it was unfortunate that these are the shadow governments that Zambia has.

“If any opposition leader showed that level of ignorance it exposes the danger that so called alternative government if that could be the reasoning… It is extremely unfortunate that a shadow government to say that a president who has been given regional responsibility to oversee peace and security in the region must say no when a president was presenting a situation of peace and security in their country; actually it explains why these opposition political parties in Zambia are not in government,” he said.

And when queried who was printing rolls of toilet paper with the president on it Chanda said:

“It is the opposition UPND, it is all over their sites, they have run out of ideas of how to engage government in a civil manner and therefore they are resorting to extreme low caliber of politics and unfortunately it is not helping them at all because Zambians are reacting badly to that cheap propaganda.”

He added, “How does it benefit us to degrade to such levels? How would such a campaign benefit the decent party like the one President Lungu leads?”