Born on 1st November 1961, Hon Mwanakatwe is married to Mr Mupanga Mwanakatwe.

With proven productivity, commitment, excellence and intelligence from the corporate sector, she started her Political career with her best foot forward when President Edgar Chagwa Lungu nominated her to Parliament and subsequently appointed her as Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry in January 2015. She later became Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee (MCC) in October 2015.

Hon. Mwanakatwe is Zambia’s current Minister of Finance, following a Cabinet reshuffle by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who elevated her from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry on Wednesday 14th February, 2018.

She is also the Member of Parliament after a landslide win of the Lusaka Central Parliamentary seat in the just ended General election and the first ever indigenous Zambian and the first female to become MP of Lusaka Central since the reintroduction of multi-party politics in 1991.

Mrs Mwanakatwe is the current board chairperson for the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre – PMRC.

Following education both in Zambia and abroad, she holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and is a Chartered Accountant by Profession, recognised by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

She took up employment at Barclays Bank of Zambia and became the first woman to hold the position of Chief Executive Officer in all the Barclays Bank African subsidiaries.

Mrs Mwanakatwe served as managing director and CEO at Barclays Bank of Ghana, until 2009 when she joined the UBA as managing director and chief executive at United Bank for Africa Uganda Limited (UBA Uganda). During the same timeframe, she served as the regional business director for southern Africa for UBA until 2011 when she was transferred to the headquarters of UBA in Lagos, Nigeria as the director for business development in Anglophone Africa.

She was the director for business development in Anglophone Africa at the United Bank of Africa bank’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. In this role, she supervised business development in Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Hon Mwanakatwe’s experience and knowledge surpasses our explanation. Her achievements give us the hope that President Edgar Lungu has definitely picked the best to fill the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

Today we shine our light on you and wish you the best!