11th February, 2018

THE Ruling Patriotic Front party yesterday roared as mighty on the Copperbelt cementing a held supposition of being not only the party in charge but still the most attractive political party.

Speaking at the sold out PF fundraising dinner that collected cash donations as high as $100 000 and $75 000 from individual stakeholders to help raise the required K10 000 000 or $1 million, President Lungu observed that PF is the party in power and those aggrieved better get used to it because that is the status quo.

“PF belongs to Zambia, Zambia belongs to PF, whether you voted for us, whether you believe in us or whether you despise us, we are in charge and we are going to remain in charge,” President Lungu said.

“The economy, the well being of our country, the security of country is in our hands, so we will not let you down.”

President Lungu boasted that it was not a coincidence that the economic fundamentals had improved but pointed to the work of the PF government.

“We think, we plan, we consult, we listen to what you tell us. There was a time when people believed the PF is full of ignominious; people who knew nothing and have never been to school,” President Lungu said.

He said that was the selling point for the opposition; “But look, we have transformed the economy of this country.”

President Lungu said the success of PF has been it’s open mind to consultation.

“They said Edgar Lungu is not an economist so he will grind this country into a halt… but look at where we are?” he asked.

“The best accusations now is the rains cannot come to Zambia because of PF… Now the rains have come, what more will they say?”

President emphasised that there is need for good leaders to have the people’s power and listen to masses, he emphasised the need for collective wisdom.