HH teargassed
HH teargassed

Antonio Mwanza’s utterances that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema will die in prison if he continues criticising the PF government is a clear example of how politics of the belly have degenerated and robbed Zambia of leaders who support political parties out of principle.

As a matter of fact these utterances by Antonio Mwanza are evil and disheartening. Antonio claims to be a Christian. How can a true Christian wish death to another human being created by God?

It’s astonishing how a vibrant, young man who spoke out of principle and on behalf of the masses can overnight change his tone and start competing with the likes of Bowman Lusambo, as to who can churn out the most politically insensitive statements, so as to appease those that are at the helm of the PF.

It’s sad to see Antonio Mwanza sink this low especially when you consider the strong checks and balances he provided before he jumped shop to join the ruling Patriotic Front, from the opposition FDD.

When he was FFD spokesperson he highlighted a number of issues that affected the masses. This is the same person who in his own words accused Edgar Lungu and the PF of grossly mismanaging the country.

Below are the exact words that Mwanza used to criticise the PF:

“It is abundantly evident that Government is in total disarray, its pure Chipante-pante. It seems that our brothers and sisters in the corridors of power have neither the clue nor the acumen to formulate and implement sound policies. With the current fiscal deficits, power deficits, high cost of production, rising national debt, dwindling revenue collections, a valueless Kwacha we need a cadre of men and women who can formulate and implement sound policies. We need to cut down on unnecessary government expenditure and concentrate on production. The President must take a serious self-introspection and evaluate and access his team. We have no shortage of brains and patriots in this country.”

He is on record of accusing the PF of failing to deal with the rampant corruption in government. He accused the PF of failing to reduce the prices of mealie meal.

He accused the PF of spending too much time politicking and talking about elections instead of working. He said the PF had hampered food production in this country through the late delivery of farming inputs. He accused Lungu and the PF of failing to act on incompetent Ministers and instead was always threatening to fire them but had no courage to act.

Miserably, Antonio Mwanza has now morphed into the same creature he despised. He has become that which he blamed for the escalating levels of poverty in the country. He has become part of that animal that terrorises his own home. He has become part of that danger that threatens the existence and wellbeing of his own family, friends and neighbours. He has become part of the PF, the party that is severely driving the self-seeking cancer of corruption, thieving and gross mismanagement of the Zambian economy.

What is even more disheartening is how the young politicians of today have thrown the interests of the masses away for self-interests.

We live in an era where young politicians are now competing on who should be the best bootlicker so as to get jobs.

The behaviour of Antonio Mwanza proves that young Zambian politicians in the PF are a serious disappointment.

In the wake of the high poverty levels very few young Zambian politicians have failed to withstand the temptation of being bought.

The high levels of unemployment and poverty in this country have greatly contributed to this scourge.

It’s sad to see young politicians such as Steven Masumba, Greyford Monde, Emmanuel Mwamba, Edwin lifwekelo, Bowman Lusambo, Sunday Chanda and many others get caught up in the wave of politics of the belly.

If Mainza Chona, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Harry Mwanga Nkumbula and Kenneth Kaunda and many other freedom fighters were like this, Zambia would have never attained independence from the British colonialists in 1964.

If Arthur Wina, Fredrick Chiluba, Joshua Lumina and many of those vigilant, selfless and brave women and men who convened at Garden House Hotel to form the MMD in 1990, were like the Bowmans and Antonio Mwanzas of today, Zambia would have never attained Multipartism.

It’s sad that Antonio Mwanza has retrogressed to the politics of wishing political opponents death. It’s not only despicable but also extremely cold-hearted.

We challenge him to instead focus on addressing the PF sponsored political violence, the sale of NRDC, PF perpetuated corruption, poor sanitation, high costs of doing business, deteriorating health standards, poor sanitation, high debt incurred by the PF, appalling agricultural policies and the shortfalls listed in the Auditor General’s report.

Don’t speak from your stomach Antonio, speak from the heart and mind. Those are the benchmarks of a real politician who cares about the welfare of the Zambian masses.

Likando Mufalali – UPND National Youth Chairman