Pilato says Sunday Chanda speaks for a salary

Pilato, Chama Fumba
Pilato, Chama Fumba arrives at Lusaka Central police station after police summoned him over his song. Photograph: Chibala Zulu/AFP/Getty Images

…When he was harassed and beaten at UNZA, I spoke for him….

Part of being a good fighter is in choosing what fights to engage in. When Sunday Chanda made claims that i was sponsored by the UPND i decided to keep quiet for one reason. Me and Sunday Chanda are not on the same level, I speak my mind while he speaks the mind of another human being. When he was harassed and beaten at UNZA, I spoke for him.

Sunday Chanda is just another pet for the president. He speaks for a salary. By speaking out he earns his his pay and sadly it doesnt matter the level of stupidity in what he says, his job is just to say. I wish i had the courage like him to just say anything and earn some money.

Coming to the Daily Nation, its suprising that a newspaper would carry such a lie as news story. I worked in the media for a good number of years and i do understand a few principles of credible journalism. I feel Daily Nation is failing and very soon if not already it will become a gossip paper.

So i was at the mall and met honorable GBM who was busy doing his shopping with the family. We greeted and took a picture and then the whole daily nation creates a story and flags it as a their biggest news. To set the records straight….

The UPND is not an illegal organisation in Zambia so if i was sponsored by them or anyone from the UPND why would i keep it a secret?

If receiving money from honorable GBM was scandalous or something i wouldn’t want to be publicized why would i even take a picture with him?

I met the honorable in a boutique at a mall……. And i met Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba at a very beautiful restaurant, why would i receive money from a boutique and not from a restaurant?

The truest form of development happens in the mind and the media should be in the forefront in this development of people. Going by this type of reporting from an entity like the Nation we are cursing ourselves with a deadly type of poverty.

I do know my name is hot cake for peddlers of gossip but at the end of the day your publication is losing credibility and only you know at what cost. If i received huge amounts of money i would be the first to inform you remember i am an artist and we love good things and being rich. Whats the point of hiding it when i have received it?

Much of what slows me down is money, so if i had the UPND sponsoring me i would have been more of what i am today. I would have had time to challenge the little scared human beings like Sunday Chanda and many others like him. I am not a man for sale, I have lived my life with literally nothing on me and am not scared to live like that again if thats the price for being me. I was never raised in the shadows of too much money but in that of humanity. I value life and integrity more than money thats why am not up for sale. It is a known fact that the PF as a party and as a government have millions to give to anyone who is willing to do the donkey work so if i was about money i would have been fighting to kiss their booties to get it.

Ba UPND bane if you have too much money to sponsor people like me please sponsor me. It is true that this government has conspired with media entities and other cadreprenuers to rob our country. With your sponsorship i will be able to speak out everyday. With your sponsorship i will be able to build myself a house so that i will not have to worry about rentals. If you have a big budget for people like me please there are several artists that have talked to me saying they are willing to speak for the people but are worried that they will be victimised and lose business in the end, they need that financial support.

After all is said and done, I AM NOT FOR SALE, i am here not to make money but to make lives. I would rather speak my mind and remain poor than speak the mind of the oppressor and be rich.



  1. A brilliant artist at that! This Pilato has no contemporary among present day Zambian musicians both in intelligence and creativity! My opinion!